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Booklet for Husův Lid- Husovi, a Jubilee in memorial of Jan Hus, Spojené České Evanjelické Církve [Czech Evangelical United Church], Cedar Rapids- Czech language, 16 pages.

Sepia-toned photograph of nine men sitting and standing outside holding instruments, presumably a Czech band from the Cedar Rapids area. Identified, on the back of the photo, are: Joe Stastny, Oldrich Rigel.

Black and white photograph of Hronika's Band from Western, Iowa. Photograph may have been taken in Cedar Rapids. Nine men stand in front of a house, eight with instruments. Identified, on the back of the photograph, are: Ed Rigel, George Koss,…

Marriage certificate for Frank Havlik and Blanche M. Podzmik (Božena Podzmiková). Dated May 6, 1915, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. English language.
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