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Black and white photo postcard of Česká Katolicka Školá [Czech Catholic School] in Chelsea, Iowa with class standing on steps of the building belonging to Agnes Splichal

75th Anniversary program for Sbor Dámské Matice Školské [Women’s School Foundation], 8 pages

Certificate for Šařka Hrbkova from Matice Školská (Czech School) in Cedar Rapids, August 31, 1885, for diligence and good manners-Czech language.

Program “českých písní” [Czech Songs], St. Wenceslaus School, Cedar Rapids, IA - Czech language.

Grade school diploma of Agnes Splichal in Toledo, Iowa June 27, 1919. Diploma is in a blue folder entitled “Public School Diploma”
Alex Vesely was born in Příbram, central Bohemia in 1966. His father was a foreman in a mine and his mother worked an office job. He remembers having a happy childhood, with his grandparents visiting often and spending vacations in a houseboat on the…
Antonin Kratochvil was born in Lovosice in northern Bohemia in 1947. His father, Jaroslav, owned a photography studio there, while his mother, Bedřiška, stayed home to raise Antonin and his two older sisters. Following the Communist coup in 1948,…
Barbara Reinfeld was born in Prague in 1935. Her father, Miloslav, was a journalist who had also worked as a parliamentary stenographer for the National Socialist (or Beneš) Party. Her mother, Zdislava, who studied in the United States for two years,…

Diploma awarded to Božena Hradešínská for attending Czech School in Cedar Rapids (Ústřední Matice Školské/Česko-Americké Matice Školské). Preprinted diploma; filled in by hand, May 27, 1923- Czech language
Brother Gabriel Balazovic was born Julián Balažovič in Dolná Krupá, Slovakia, in 1949. His father worked as a forest ranger and then in a facility for the mentally ill, while his mother stayed at home and raised Julián and his six siblings. Upon…
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