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Theater program for the performance of ‘Okolo Rybníka’ [Across the Pond] put on by Okrskový Výbor Státu Illinois Z.Č.B.J. of Berwyn, Illinois. Held at Z.C.B.J. Hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Sunday, March 28, 1976 –Czech language, 4 pages.

Program for the “Románek Krásné Toničky” [A Beautifully Intoxicating Novella] performance by Č.S.A. Dramatický Odbor Z Chicaga, Illinois [C.S.A. Dramatic Department from Chicago, IL] held at C.S.P.S. Hall –Czech and English, 16 pages.

Booklet for the Fifteenth National Convention of the Western Bohemian Fraternal Association (formerly called Z.C.B.J.) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Includes advertisements in Czech and English, 52 pages.

Program for 25th anniversary of the Pivoteers Z.C.B.J. Drill Team .

Program for the 10th Anniversary for Českého Národního Sdružení [Czech-American National Alliance] held at C.S.P.S. Hall, March 29, 1925 –Czech language.

Black and white photograph of actor Bryant Washburn receiving a key to Cedar Rapids from Cedar Rapids mayor Frank Hahn.

Black and white photograph of Dr. Leo B. Sedlacek, Mayor Frank Hahn, actor Bryant Washburn, and two unknown persons. Washburn is receiving a key to the city of Cedar Rapids.

Black and white photograph of 28 men, “C.S.A. Degree Team, Cedar Rapids, IA.”

Black and white photograph of the 'First Get-To-Gether of English Speaking Lodges of C.S.A.' Event took place August 26-28, 1937, in Cedar Rapids. Photo probably taken in C.S.P.S. building.

Black and white photograph of various C.S.A. lodges, possibly at a get-together. Photograph taken at C.S.P.S. Hall in Cedar Rapids, IA. Date on back of photo is 10-6-70.

Front row sitting (left to right): Henrietta Blazek, Marie…
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