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Invitation to an Evening of Czech Music presented by Karla Masaryk Chorus, 10th anniversary celebration at C.S.P.S Hall.

Program for the 10th anniversary of the Karla Masaryk Lodge, C.S.A. music presentation at C.S.P.S. Hall, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Program of Karla Masaryk Chorus 20th Anniversary at C.S.P.S Hall, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Program for the 10th Anniversary for Českého Národního Sdružení [Czech-American National Alliance] held at C.S.P.S. Hall, March 29, 1925 –Czech language.

Czech Fine Arts Society booklet, includes a list of officers, members, and program for 1936-1937.

Program for the C.S.A.'s (Czechoslovak Society of America) 'First Annual Get Together of English Speaking Lodges.' Took place August 26-28, 1937 in Cedar Rapids, IA. Program includes advertisements from local businesses, 36 pages.

Program for the C.S.A. 31st Annual Get- Together in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with advertisements, 46 pages.

Program for the “Románek Krásné Toničky” [A Beautifully Intoxicating Novella] performance by Č.S.A. Dramatický Odbor Z Chicaga, Illinois [C.S.A. Dramatic Department from Chicago, IL] held at C.S.P.S. Hall –Czech and English, 16 pages.

Federation of Czech Groups brochure and membership application, 4 pages.

Ticket to the Federation of Czech Groups Benefit Fund Raiser, Sandwich Buffet for Flood Relief.
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