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Marriage certificate of James Cibula and Agnes Splichal issued in Chelsea, Iowa, February 12, 1923.Certificate is in an off- white folder entitled “Our Marriage Seal"

Document from the Department of the Interior, General Land Office, certified that the "attached copies of patents are true and literal exemplifications of records". The attached copy is of a land contract entitling Jesse (?) Beeson a specific section…

Document pertaining to Josef Kubík, Residency permit? Josef Kubík immigrated to the United States in 1865 and his family settled in Iowa –Czech language. Please note that this document is extremely fragile and every effort was taken during scanning…

Birth certificate of Julie Leopoldine Jilek. Issued on September 5, 1908, in Vienna-German language.

Baptismal certificate for Aloys Oujiří (brother of Anna Oujiří), at St. Wenceslaus Church in Cedar Rapids, in May 1902. Preprinted certificate with a color image of Jesus being baptized, and personal information handwritten and filled in.

Baptismal certificate for Anežka Barbora Pisařík. Baptized at St. Wenceslaus in Cedar Rapids on March 29, 1908. Certificate is English language; filled-in information is Czech language.

Birth and baptismal documentation of Anna Pelc-ova –Czech language, born in 1823(?) in modern day Czech Republic . Issued March 10, 1866. Please note that this document is extremely fragile and every effort was taken during scanning to capture the…

Birth Certificate for Anna Stasny [Pešek], born August 30, 1868 in Moravia, Provence of Austria –Czech language. Issued April 9, 1873. The Pešek family became residents of Iowa. Please note that this document is extremely fragile and every effort…

Certificate of Marriage for Antonie Svoboda & Joseph Kloubec issued in Johnson County, Iowa September 20, 1892.

Baptismal certificate of Antonie Svoboda, born May 6, 1869, Tábor region of modern day Czech Republic –Czech language. Issued in 1874. Antonie married Joseph Kloubec and they lived in rural Johnson, County, IA. Please note that this document is…
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