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City of Cedar Rapids proclamation declaring that the Czech Olympic Ice Hockey Team be named honorary citizens of Cedar Rapids after winning the gold medal in the 1998 Olympics. Signed by Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Lee R. Clancey.

Certificate of naturalization for Frank Havlik. Issued on June 6, 1917, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Formerly of Austria. English language.

Certificate of Naturalization for Marie Pohorsky of Cedar Rapids, IA. Note on back: Passport issued July 11, 1929.

Document from the Department of the Interior, General Land Office, certified that the "attached copies of patents are true and literal exemplifications of records". The attached copy is of a land contract entitling Jesse (?) Beeson a specific section…

Baptismal certificate for Aloys Oujiří (brother of Anna Oujiří), at St. Wenceslaus Church in Cedar Rapids, in May 1902. Preprinted certificate with a color image of Jesus being baptized, and personal information handwritten and filled in.

Marriage certificate of Josephine M. M. Hajny & John B. Letovsky, February 14, 1900?

Baptismal certificate for Anežka Barbora Pisařík. Baptized at St. Wenceslaus in Cedar Rapids on March 29, 1908. Certificate is English language; filled-in information is Czech language.

Marriage certificate for Frank Havlik and Blanche M. Podzmik (Božena Podzmiková). Dated May 6, 1915, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. English language.

Marriage certificate from the State of Missouri for Charles J. Hlubucek and Anne M. Donner of Cedar Rapids, Iowa (associated with C.R. Hat Works), September 21, 1941.

Residency Permit for Theodor Hlubůček in the town of Žamberk in the Austro-Hungarian empire (the Pardubice Region of the present day Czech Republic). Hlubůček lived in Cedar Rapids, IA later in life.
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