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Certificate awarded to Anna R. Oujiri (sister of Aloys Oujiri) from The Quaker Oats Company. Text: This certifies that Anna R. Oujiri has through loyal efforts and efficiency contributed greatly to the winning of the Army-Navy Production Award for…

Certificate for Šařka Hrbkova from Matice Školská (Czech School) in Cedar Rapids, August 31, 1885, for diligence and good manners-Czech language.

Certificate awarded to Christine Blazek for having completed six summers in acquiring a certain degree of proficiency and mastery of the Czech language by the Ústřední Matice Školská (Czech School Board), Cedar Rapids, IA, July 8, 1960

School certificate for Josef Kubík signed by Josef Benes, school teacher in modern day Czech Republic, dated 1861. Kubík immigrated to the United States in 1865 and his family settled in Iowa- Czech language. Please note that this document is…
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