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Black and white photograph taken in a barber shop on 16th Avenue in Cedar Rapids. Four men are in the photo; the one reclining is identified as William Rigel.

Photograph postcard of Frank Rejsa in front of his barbershop on 16th Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids.

T.M. Sinclair & Co., Ltd. Semi-Centennial booklet. Note: Two black and white photos on the last 2 pages of the book with names of employees in service 35 years or more and 25 years or more, 32 pages

Business cards for Josephine B. Letovsky's Hosiery Mending Shop in Cedar Rapids. Text: Phone 2084. Hosiery Mending Shop. Josephine B. Letovsky. Specializing in Repairing of Snags and Runners. High Class Work at Reasonable Prices. Granby Bldg., Room…

Daniel's Park Grocery Grocery Store, Cedar Rapids, IA advertisement

Business card advertisement for Frank Dvorak, a shoe seller in Cedar Rapids. Card has image of woman (Emma Abbott), Text: 'F. Dvorak, Agt. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Wear Burt Bros.' Fine Shoes.' Reverse side text: 'W.D. Robinson & Co., Wholesale Agents.…

Postcard addressed to Mr. Josef Lorenc (?) in Ely, Iowa, postmarked from J.M.B. Letovský a Syn, Cedar Rapids, acknowledging receipt of subscription to Slovan Americký- Czech language

C.R. Hat Works Co. label (n.d.)

‘Zdravotní pokyny pro ženy’ [Health Guidelines for Women] printed by W.F. Severa Co., with note from W.F. Severa Co. –Czech language, 32 pages

Matyk & Son Dry Goods tissue paper, 1029 S. 3rd Street, Cedar Rapids, IA
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