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Ochotnické Družstvo Stanovy (Bylaws) Booklet (c.1911) -Czech language, 16 pages

T.M. Sinclair & Co., Ltd. Semi-Centennial booklet. Note: Two black and white photos on the last 2 pages of the book with names of employees in service 35 years or more and 25 years or more, 32 pages

‘Zdravotní pokyny pro ženy’ [Health Guidelines for Women] printed by W.F. Severa Co., with note from W.F. Severa Co. –Czech language, 32 pages

Stanovy: Tělocvičné Jednoty Sokol v Cedar Rapids, Iowa.' [Charter: Sokol Gymnastics Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa] -Czech language, 22 pages.

Sokolský zpěvník vydaný Tělocvičnou Jednotou Sokol v Cedar Rapids, Iowa.' Song book for Sokol Association of Cedar Rapids (2) -Czech and English, 28 pages.

Stanovy pěveckého odboru Sokola. Založen dne 24. června roku 1919. V Cedar Rapids, Iowa. [Statutes of the vocal department Sokol. Founded on June 24, 1919 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa]- Czech languge, 10 pages.

Booklet for Husův Lid- Husovi, a Jubilee in memorial of Jan Hus, Spojené České Evanjelické Církve [Czech Evangelical United Church], Cedar Rapids- Czech language, 16 pages.

Booklet for “Pamatka svécení nového kostela Sv. Ludmily v Cedar Rapids, Iowa” [Monument ordination of the new St. Ludmila Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa]- Czech and English

Booklet of the Silver Jubilee of St. Ludmila Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Czech and English, 40 pages.

Booklet of the history of St. Ludmila School, published on the school’s 75th anniversary.
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