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Czech Fine Arts Society booklet, includes a list of officers, members, and program for 1936-1937.

Ochotnické Družstvo Stanovy (Bylaws) Booklet (c.1911) -Czech language, 16 pages

Booklet for Husův Lid- Husovi, a Jubilee in memorial of Jan Hus, Spojené České Evanjelické Církve [Czech Evangelical United Church], Cedar Rapids- Czech language, 16 pages.

Booklet for “Pamatka svécení nového kostela Sv. Ludmily v Cedar Rapids, Iowa” [Monument ordination of the new St. Ludmila Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa]- Czech and English

Booklet of the Silver Jubilee of St. Ludmila Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Czech and English, 40 pages.

Booklet of the history of St. Ludmila School, published on the school’s 75th anniversary.

Booklet for St. Ludmila’s School Expansion Building Fund Appeal.

St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Cedar Rapids, IA Centennial Year Observance booklet, 36 pages

T.M. Sinclair & Co., Ltd. Semi-Centennial booklet. Note: Two black and white photos on the last 2 pages of the book with names of employees in service 35 years or more and 25 years or more, 32 pages

Stanovy: Tělocvičné Jednoty Sokol v Cedar Rapids, Iowa.' [Charter: Sokol Gymnastics Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa] -Czech language, 22 pages.
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