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‘50th Anniversary Banquet Catholic Sokol, 1910-1960, Sunday, May 22, 1960, St. Wenceslaus Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa” program- 4 pages.

Program for Cedar Rapids Centennial Banquet program Saturday, October 20, 1973 at C.S.P.S. Hall in Cedar Rapids, 24 pages.

Program for ‘Prazsti Muzikanti’ presented by Sokol Cedar Rapids.

Czech Restaurant. All-Iowa Fair Grounds. August 12-17, 1950. Menu for the Czech restaurant at the All-Iowa Fair most likely held in Cedar Rapids at Hawkeye Downs. Front of menu has a photograph of the Sokol Hall in Cedar Rapids: 'Home of the Sokol…

‘Na Paměť’ [On Memory] program for the 40th Sokol Anniversary - Czech and English, 16 pages.

Bazaar Program of the Sokol Gymnastics Association (Telocvicne Jednoty Sokol) at C.S.P.S. Hall. November 8, to 13, 1926 –Czech and English, 50 pages.

Zlaté Jubileum. Tělocvičné Jednoty Sokol. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 1873-1923.' Program commemorating the 50th anniversary of Cedar Rapids Sokol- Czech and English, 36 pages.

‘Památník [Memorial] Tělocvičné Jednoty Sokol Cedar Rapids’ program for the 70th Anniversary. Signatures on the back cover- Czech and English, 32 pages.

Program for Cedar Rapids Sokol 80th Anniversary of Telocvicna Jednota Cedar Rapids (Sokol Gymnastic Association) Banquet, Sunday, March 7, 1953, 4 pages.

Program for "Sokol" Gymnastic Association at C.S.P.S. Hall, February 25, 1923 at 8 p.m. 'An evening of physical culture' -Czech and English, 4 pages.
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