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Black and white photograph dated Summer 1938 “Mrs. [Antonia] Kloubec & Fred”

Black and white photograph of Antonia and Emma Kloubec on a gray backing

Black and white photograph of Agnes in front of a house with a banjo and a guitar in a large hat (late 1920s/ early 1930s)

Invitation for Kloubec Sisters of North Liberty, Iowa to the wedding dance of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kloubec, Thursday, September, 14, 1939, held at C.S.P.S. Hall in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Certificate of Marriage for Antonie Svoboda & Joseph Kloubec issued in Johnson County, Iowa September 20, 1892.

Baptismal certificate of Antonie Svoboda, born May 6, 1869, Tábor region of modern day Czech Republic –Czech language. Issued in 1874. Antonie married Joseph Kloubec and they lived in rural Johnson, County, IA. Please note that this document is…
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