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The Associated Czech Lodges of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, present The Champion Team of the Workmens Gymnastic Ass'n of Czechoslovakia in a gymnastic program.' Held July 10, 1936 at Woodrow Wilson High School in Cedar Rapids -Czech and English.
Suzanna Halsey was born in Karlovy Vary in western Bohemia in 1951. Her father, Alois Pakeš, was a grandson of the mayor of Písek. He studied law, but Suzanna says that his bourgeois background prevented him from practicing after the Communist coup…

Stanovy pěveckého odboru Sokola. Založen dne 24. června roku 1919. V Cedar Rapids, Iowa. [Statutes of the vocal department Sokol. Founded on June 24, 1919 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa]- Czech languge, 10 pages.

Stanovy: Tělocvičné Jednoty Sokol v Cedar Rapids, Iowa.' [Charter: Sokol Gymnastics Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa] -Czech language, 22 pages.

Staněk & Šimánek Saloon business card, 1100 South 2nd Street, Cedar Rapids, IA. Czech on reverse-Czech and English

Sokolský zpěvník vydaný Tělocvičnou Jednotou Sokol v Cedar Rapids, Iowa.' Song book for Sokol Association of Cedar Rapids (2) -Czech and English, 28 pages.

Sokol May Dance invitation. Held at Sokol Hall on Thursday, May 21, 1936 –Czech and English.

Booklet of the Silver Jubilee of St. Ludmila Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Czech and English, 40 pages.
Robert Dobson was born in Prague in 1956. He grew up in the Nové Město part of the city. His father Vilém worked in construction and died in a workplace accident when Robert was still a child. His mother Alena subsequently raised Robert on her own…

“Odpolední Program lidové slavnosti na Český Den v Riverside-parku” [Afternoon Program folk festival on Czech Day at Riverside Park] program- Czech language.
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