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Zlaté Jubileum. Tělocvičné Jednoty Sokol. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 1873-1923.' Program commemorating the 50th anniversary of Cedar Rapids Sokol- Czech and English, 36 pages.

Black and white photograph of Z.Č.B.J. Dramatic Club performers on stage. Ten performers are in costume on stage around a table. Text on reverse "Prach A Broky."

Black and white photograph of Z.Č.B.J. Dramatic Club performers on stage. Twenty two performers in costume are on stage with the scenery in the background. Text on reverse "Zena Na Skousku."

Pámatník sletu župy západní, A.O.S.' Programs (3) for a Sokol slet held in Cedar Rapids on June 27-28, 1942. Program includes advertisements for local businesses -Czech and English., 28 pages.
Vit Horejs was born in Prague in 1950. His father, Jaromír, was a teacher and author (who published over 50 books), while his mother, Věra, taught gym and Czech. Vit was the youngest of three siblings. Growing up in communist Czechoslovakia, he says…

Christmas card from the Vane family. Hand drawn artwork and calligraphy done by V.E. Váné with the words 'Veselé Vánoce!' and a Christmas motif -Czech language.
Tony Jandacek was born in Prague in 1934 and grew up in the city’s Smíchov district. His father, Antonín Jandáček, was a journalist who worked for the Ministry of Information during WWII, while his mother, Marie, worked as a secretary at a glass…
Tomas Hadl was born in Prague in 1985. His mother is a doctor who has a private practice in Prague while his father is an economist who works for the Czech bank ČSOB; prior to the Velvet Revolution, he worked at the Ministry of Finance. Tomas grew up…

Residency Permit for Theodor Hlubůček in the town of Žamberk in the Austro-Hungarian empire (the Pardubice Region of the present day Czech Republic). Hlubůček lived in Cedar Rapids, IA later in life.

Program for Prague Teachers’ Chorus. Held at Shrine Temple in Cedar Rapids, IA on February 4, 1929.
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