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“Odpolední Program lidové slavnosti na Český Den v Riverside-parku” [Afternoon Program folk festival on Czech Day at Riverside Park] program- Czech language.

Výdah z matriky [Extract from the register] listing Frantíšek and Anna Teply and their three children: Frantíšek, Libuše Anna, and Josefa. Signed/stamped by the Evangelical Parish Office of Borové on April 29, 1909 -Czech language.

Military discharge papers for Frank Teply -Czech language. Please note that this document is extremely fragile and every effort was taken during scanning to capture the document's contents while keeping the physical document safe.

List Domovský' for Frank (Frantisek) Teply. Proof of residency in the town/area of Pustá Rybná (then Austria-Hungary, now Czech Republic)- Czech language. Please note that this document is extremely fragile and every effort was taken during scanning…

‘Oddaci list’ Marriage certificate of Josef Pecháček and Marie Větrovská, married February 10, 1902, diocese of Varnsdorf. Issued May 5, 1906 in Prague-Czech language.

‘Křestní list’ Baptismal/birth certificate of Marie Pecháček (Pecháčeková?) in Varnsdorf. Born on January 10, 1903, baptized on January 18, 1903. Issued May 20, 1906 in Prague-Czech language.

Residency Permit for Theodor Hlubůček in the town of Žamberk in the Austro-Hungarian empire (the Pardubice Region of the present day Czech Republic). Hlubůček lived in Cedar Rapids, IA later in life.

Baptismal certificate for Anežka Barbora Pisařík. Baptized at St. Wenceslaus in Cedar Rapids on March 29, 1908. Certificate is English language; filled-in information is Czech language.

Theater program for the performance of ‘Naši Furianti’ [Our Loudmouth] put on by Ochotnické Družstvo in Cedar Rapids, IA. Held at C.S.P.S. Hall on Thursday June 14, 1906 -Czech language, 1 page

Pámatník sletu župy západní, A.O.S.' Programs (3) for a Sokol slet held in Cedar Rapids on June 27-28, 1942. Program includes advertisements for local businesses -Czech and English., 28 pages.
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