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Invitation to an Evening of Czech Music presented by Karla Masaryk Chorus, 10th anniversary celebration at C.S.P.S Hall.

Program for the 10th anniversary of the Karla Masaryk Lodge, C.S.A. music presentation at C.S.P.S. Hall, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Program of Karla Masaryk Chorus 20th Anniversary at C.S.P.S Hall, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Handwritten letter from Šařka Hrbkova to Louise Crawford.

Program for the 10th Anniversary for Českého Národního Sdružení [Czech-American National Alliance] held at C.S.P.S. Hall, March 29, 1925 –Czech language.

Certificate awarded to Christine Blazek for having completed six summers in acquiring a certain degree of proficiency and mastery of the Czech language by the Ústřední Matice Školská (Czech School Board), Cedar Rapids, IA, July 8, 1960

Diploma awarded to Božena Hradešínská for attending Czech School in Cedar Rapids (Ústřední Matice Školské/Česko-Americké Matice Školské). Preprinted diploma; filled in by hand, May 27, 1923- Czech language

C.R. Hat Works Co. label (n.d.)

‘50th Anniversary Banquet Catholic Sokol, 1910-1960, Sunday, May 22, 1960, St. Wenceslaus Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa” program- 4 pages.

Program for Cedar Rapids Centennial Banquet program Saturday, October 20, 1973 at C.S.P.S. Hall in Cedar Rapids, 24 pages.
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