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Theater program for the performance of ‘Lidice’ put on by Ochotnické Družstvo in Cedar Rapids, IA. Held at C.S.P.S. Hall on Sunday, March 7, 1943 -Czech language, 28 pages

Certificate awarded to Anna R. Oujiri (sister of Aloys Oujiri) from The Quaker Oats Company. Text: This certifies that Anna R. Oujiri has through loyal efforts and efficiency contributed greatly to the winning of the Army-Navy Production Award for…

Photographic postcard of Leo Cole's WMT Bohemian Band of Cedar Rapids. Pictured are: Amos Kent, Stan Dlask, Dick Blahnik, Verne Jeffrey, Leo F. Cole, Benne Alter, George Dlask, Bob Larimer, Frank Vrba.

‘Památník [Memorial] Tělocvičné Jednoty Sokol Cedar Rapids’ program for the 70th Anniversary. Signatures on the back cover- Czech and English, 32 pages.

Program for St. Ludmila’s School Program
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