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Theater program for the performance of ‘Druhé mládí’ [Second Youth] put on by Ochotnické Družstvo in Cedar Rapids, IA. Held at C.S.P.S. Hall on Sunday, December 12, 1926 -Czech language, 6 pages

Bazaar Program of the Sokol Gymnastics Association (Telocvicne Jednoty Sokol) at C.S.P.S. Hall. November 8, to 13, 1926 –Czech and English, 50 pages.

Certificate of Naturalization for Marie Pohorsky of Cedar Rapids, IA. Note on back: Passport issued July 11, 1929.

Booklet for “Pamatka svécení nového kostela Sv. Ludmily v Cedar Rapids, Iowa” [Monument ordination of the new St. Ludmila Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa]- Czech and English
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