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Black and white photograph of Zděnka Havlíčkova, No. 23, S.P.J. (Sesterská Podporující Jednota [Sisterly Benevolent Order of Lodges]) and Hvězda Pokroku [Star of Progress], No. 4 float taken at the Cedar Rapids Semi-Centennial parade mounted on…

Black and white photograph of the C.K. Kosek Bakery Float during the Semi-Centennial celebration of Cedar Rapids, IA in 1906 (caption on the back notes 1904 as the date). Back of the photograph notes George Kosek, Chuck Kosek, Frank Kosek, C.K.…

Black and white photograph of George L. Swab as a baby. Photograph is affixed to a cream backing with a 'Kadgihn. Cedar Rapid, Ia.' imprint.

List Domovský' for Frank (Frantisek) Teply. Proof of residency in the town/area of Pustá Rybná (then Austria-Hungary, now Czech Republic)- Czech language. Please note that this document is extremely fragile and every effort was taken during scanning…

Theater program for the performance of ‘Naši Furianti’ [Our Loudmouth] put on by Ochotnické Družstvo in Cedar Rapids, IA. Held at C.S.P.S. Hall on Thursday June 14, 1906 -Czech language, 1 page
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