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Theater program for the performance of ‘The Gypsy Rover’ put on by Lodge Cedar Rapids No. 262 Western Bohemian Fraternal Association in Cedar Rapids, IA. Held at the Benjamin Franklin Junior High School on Friday, January 30, 1931- English, 8 pages

Theater program for the performance of ‘Okolo Rybníka’ [Across the Pond] put on by Okrskový Výbor Státu Illinois Z.Č.B.J. of Berwyn, Illinois. Held at Z.C.B.J. Hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Sunday, March 28, 1976 –Czech language, 4 pages.

Certificate awarded to Anna R. Oujiri (sister of Aloys Oujiri) from The Quaker Oats Company. Text: This certifies that Anna R. Oujiri has through loyal efforts and efficiency contributed greatly to the winning of the Army-Navy Production Award for…

Black and white photo postcard of Česká Katolicka Školá [Czech Catholic School] in Chelsea, Iowa with class standing on steps of the building belonging to Agnes Splichal

Booklet for Husův Lid- Husovi, a Jubilee in memorial of Jan Hus, Spojené České Evanjelické Církve [Czech Evangelical United Church], Cedar Rapids- Czech language, 16 pages.

Marriage certificate of James Cibula and Agnes Splichal issued in Chelsea, Iowa, February 12, 1923.Certificate is in an off- white folder entitled “Our Marriage Seal"

Document from the Department of the Interior, General Land Office, certified that the "attached copies of patents are true and literal exemplifications of records". The attached copy is of a land contract entitling Jesse (?) Beeson a specific section…

Document pertaining to Josef Kubík, Residency permit? Josef Kubík immigrated to the United States in 1865 and his family settled in Iowa –Czech language. Please note that this document is extremely fragile and every effort was taken during scanning…

Birth certificate of Julie Leopoldine Jilek. Issued on September 5, 1908, in Vienna-German language.

Program for a Cedar Rapids Sokol event. ‘Tělocvičná Jednota Sokol [Sokol Association]. Šedesát let [Sixty Years]. 1873’ - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - 1933. Inside text (in Czech and English): 'Festival evening of physical culture by the exemplary teams of…
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