Miscellaneous Documents Related to Czechs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Miscellaneous Documents Related to Czechs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Items related to the Czech-American experience in Cedar Rapids, IA.




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Děvčata Nedejte Se, Strand Theater poster, Cedar Rapids, IA, 1944?
Strand Theatre poster including the showing of the movie “Děvčata Nedejte Se” on Tuesday April 25, 1944?

South End Community Annual Program, Cedar Rapids, IA, 1928
Program for South End Community Annual Program. Held at Woodrow Wilson Junior High School Friday, February 17, 1928, 16 pages.

T.M. Sinclair & Co. Ltd. Semi-Centennial booklet, 1921
T.M. Sinclair & Co., Ltd. Semi-Centennial booklet. Note: Two black and white photos on the last 2 pages of the book with names of employees in service 35 years or more and 25 years or more, 32 pages

City of Cedar Rapids proclamation, 1998
City of Cedar Rapids proclamation declaring that the Czech Olympic Ice Hockey Team be named honorary citizens of Cedar Rapids after winning the gold medal in the 1998 Olympics. Signed by Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Lee R. Clancey.

The Prague Teachers' Chorus program, Cedar Rapids, IA, 1929
Program for Prague Teachers’ Chorus. Held at Shrine Temple in Cedar Rapids, IA on February 4, 1929.

Masaryk Memorial Concert, Lyra Singing Society program, 1948
Program for the Masaryk Memorial Concert starring Lyra Singing Society. Held at Memorial Coliseum in Cedar Rapids on March 7, 1948. Includes advertisements from local businesses- Czech and English, 28 pages.

Bohemian Workingmens Singing Society Lyra program, 1931
Program for the “Český Dělnický Pěvecký Sbor Lyra Z Chicaga pořádá Koncert” [“Bohemian Workingmens Singing Society Lyra of Chicago is presenting Concert”]. The concert is a feature of the celebration of the 13th anniversary of Czechoslovaks…

Czech Restaurant Menu, 1950
Czech Restaurant. All-Iowa Fair Grounds. August 12-17, 1950. Menu for the Czech restaurant at the All-Iowa Fair most likely held in Cedar Rapids at Hawkeye Downs. Front of menu has a photograph of the Sokol Hall in Cedar Rapids: 'Home of the Sokol…

Riverside Park folk festival program [June 14, 1906]
“Odpolední Program lidové slavnosti na Český Den v Riverside-parku” [Afternoon Program folk festival on Czech Day at Riverside Park] program- Czech language.
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